International Digital Value Organization

About IDVO

IDVO's objects:
- To support the provision of a free basic income to all persons worldwide and other poverty elimination efforts including efforts to establish a basic infrastructure.
- To support the establishment of a free basic health care and education worldwide.
- To support efforts for an organic agriculture and medicine based on plants and efforts for non-toxic foods and body products.
- To support the provision of easy conditions for entrepreneurs and companies including interest-free finance and support efforts against enslavement of workers.
- To support efforts to eliminate interest-bearing debt and efforts against bankruptcy of companies because of excessive debts.
- To support environmental care, the production of recycleable or biodegradable products and other efforts for the prevention of waste.
- To support the establishment of renewable energy and energy self-sufficiency.
- To support efforts for a non-violent world.

IDVO is registered in England as a private company limited by guarantee (no shares, non-profit objects), company number 10791491.

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